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Recovery from the Pain of Alcohol Addiction

Many people are suffering unnecessarily as a result of an unmerited stigma against addiction, especially with regards to alcoholism and addiction. It is a common misunderstanding that because alcohol is legal, it’s safe and not addictive. Our program helps women and men, regardless of their age, race, or socioeconomic status, rid themselves of alcohol and drug addiction. Usually, people watch helplessly as alcohol and drug dependency destroys all their family, friendships, and professional ties in life. They might give up all hope because they don’t know where to turn to for assistance. Alcoholics wonder if they can even be helped at all. Fear and shame will keep them silently struggling and only makes recovery even more difficult. Recovery may be complicated because social norms keep addiction and addicts silent for fear of ridicule and humiliation. End the endless cycle of damaging negativity! Our program provides a center for people from Takoma, WA that treats drug and alcohol dependency from holistic physical and psychological viewpoints. The center makes it possible for anyone to battle drug and alcohol addiction successfully and begin changing their life for the better. Speak with an addiction professional to take the first step towards being sober - call (253) 242-9830 immediately!

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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